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STEAM Highlights
Engaging and challenging students through the integration of STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the Arts, empowering them to become innovative leaders of the future.


Ms. Berkemeier
Ginny Berkemeier is the Advanced Scientific Internship Coordinator and a science teacher at Wheeler. In addition to her background as a researcher and scientist, she has a passion for the arts and incorporates STEAM with Ms. Kelly Karr (art teacher) in her classroom with a different kinesiology and art theme each semester.

Ms. Ereddia
Danielle Ereddia is a magnet biology and Post-AP DNA & Genetics teacher at Wheeler. In addition to her background as a scientist, she has a passion for the arts and incorporates STEAM in her classroom often. 
STEAM Symposium 2018
STEAM Symposium 2018

Cristina Noriega
"I am grateful to be part of creating and maintaining the bulletin boards for Magnet and STEAM. I am honored to be able to share the news and events of such a dedicated, intelligent and wonderful group of students."

The Wheeler Theatre program
performed Shrek the Musical. 

A huge thank you to  Charu Shridhar and Surya Sundaram,'18, for creating the STEAM Symposium Magazine for the last four years.

Anna Daugherty won the 2018 STEAM Symposium Logo contest! 

STEAM Specialists Sean Splwaski and Alaina Davis from Mableton Elementary STEAM share innovative strategies with our Wheeler staff for professional development before the break.

Dwayne Wasson
is the orchestra director at Wheeler, and he is a member of the STEAM steering committee.
Tatiana Henriksson discovered herself through the creation of a personal website in Internship class. "I am an adventurer, somewhat of a decent baker, but most importantly, I am who I am today because of the path I have chosen and the dreams that I never gave up on."
Kseniya Spikina's love for the arts has always been a large part of who she is, and her experiences at Wheeler have only added to that. Her favorite experiences was the creation of a professional webpage in Internship class.

Mr. Lawrence
Edward Lawrence, WHS Physics teacher, as incorporated the Physics of Music into his teaching for years.

Arvin Poddar found ways to combine the new technology he learned through Wheeler's STEAM curriculum to create entirely new things and started his own business.

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